Taking Flight

A light from your eyes shines so bright this night. I wonder just how to meet your gaze. I wonder how to let you in, let you take me now in this place that we have created. I wonder how to let go of the past, the thoughts of her, and walk boldly into this moment. The future has yet to be determined and all I can promise right now is this, us, right here. I want to melt into this desire and bring down the walls that I have built up over time—let it all fall to the side to let you inside.

Your patience is so evident in your actions and the care you take with me. How can I feel so paralyzed, afraid to move, fearing what is on the other side? Giving up control and trusting again isn’t so easy. The spirit is willing—so ready, so desired—yet I cannot move. Each touch brings such pleasure and such pain, such fear to let go of what was and desire to slip, no dance, into what is here, now…right now.

Take my hand and lead me to where we can share together this night. In your arms it feels so right. I feel my spirit again, taking flight. You take me higher but don’t let me fall. Hold on tight right now, my love. I want to fly again with you right next to me…

Appreciating what we have, who we have in our lives right now is a gift. Letting the past have any control over our present takes away from truly living in the moment.  We owe it to ourselves, to those we share our present with, be they near or far, to be there fully in the moment. It takes courage to move beyond the limits we put on ourselves.

Maria Luisa


Listening to:

🎶 Here And Now by Melanie C 🎶

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