Sacred Trust ~ Poetry

Embracing the kindness of her spirit
Seeing her true beauty revealed
As it emanates from her heart
Knowing deep from within
We won’t always be so far apart

Our physical distance from one another
Doesn’t make the connection weaker
It only strengthens our bond deeper
Knowing secrets we’ve shared are safe
Our loving friendship grows sweeter

There is a sacred trust between us
The kind only two women can share
To be there to help showing we care
Through the good times and the hurt
Our relationship is so special and true
Because you have me and I have you

Maria Luisa

Coming Apart ~ Poetry

I know my love
I know your pain
Sometimes we can’t let go
We’re scared to admit what is so

Even though the hour is late
Your spirit won’t let sorrow abate
I see you with all of your beauty
That she couldn’t appreciate

Knowing you so well my dear friend
Trying to relieve your mind and heart
Seeing how you’re now coming apart
Tears me up inside as you cry in my arms

Staying to hold you as long as it takes
Embracing you throughout the long night
Letting you know it will eventually be alright
One day again your spirit will take flight

Maria Luisa

Listening to:

🎶 Heart and Shoulder by Heather Nova 🎶

Taking Flight

A light from your eyes shines so bright this night. I wonder just how to meet your gaze. I wonder how to let you in, let you take me now in this place that we have created. I wonder how to let go of the past, the thoughts of her, and walk boldly into this moment. The future has yet to be determined and all I can promise right now is this, us, right here. I want to melt into this desire and bring down the walls that I have built up over time—let it all fall to the side to let you inside.

Your patience is so evident in your actions and the care you take with me. How can I feel so paralyzed, afraid to move, fearing what is on the other side? Giving up control and trusting again isn’t so easy. The spirit is willing—so ready, so desired—yet I cannot move. Each touch brings such pleasure and such pain, such fear to let go of what was and desire to slip, no dance, into what is here, now…right now.

Take my hand and lead me to where we can share together this night. In your arms it feels so right. I feel my spirit again, taking flight. You take me higher but don’t let me fall. Hold on tight right now, my love. I want to fly again with you right next to me…

Appreciating what we have, who we have in our lives right now is a gift. Letting the past have any control over our present takes away from truly living in the moment.  We owe it to ourselves, to those we share our present with, be they near or far, to be there fully in the moment. It takes courage to move beyond the limits we put on ourselves.

Maria Luisa


Listening to:

🎶 Here And Now by Melanie C 🎶

Women, Lessons, Love

Women are truly amazing creatures. We have the ability to send each other soaring to heights that seem infinite, but we can also send each other into the depths of emotional hell with drama that can be more explosive than a volcano. We can heal each other or we can wound with laser-like precision. I believe that in every situation, experience provides us with lessons to learn. And if we don’t learn those lessons then we are destined to repeat the lessons until we do learn them.

We can discover so much about ourselves by who we draw into our lives. Everyone can teach us something; some lessons I am sure we would like not to have experienced, and yet if we learned from it then in the end it was worth it.

There are women we love in friendship, as partners, in life…and then there are women that touch us and transform us so profoundly that they are indefinable. Through the days, the years, and the ethereal, we discover and uncover more about who we are at our core because of those we have come in contact with. We share in ways that we may have never even known existed before.

It is a privilege to share with another woman…her trust, her kindness, her thoughts, and her love are gifts that should always be cherished and respected. I have never in my life been more in awe of our ability to nurture, protect, heal, and share this incredible journey with other women. The bonds that we make in shared respect are ones that can last a lifetime.

Maria Luisa


Listening to:

🎶 Love They Say by Tegan & Sara 🎶

Lovers Mothers Women

As you lay sleeping in my arms tonight I feel so peaceful. There is such contentment holding an angel in my arms. I know how strong you are, but in my arms you soften, relax, and release the stress of the day. I wonder how my heart can open up even more—it seems endless, infinite—this beautiful place inside. I am blessed to have loved and love some very special women in my life. My friends and lovers hold such a dear, growing spot there.

The women in my life who have taught me, caught me, share with me, love me—whether they are lovers or friends—touch me deeply.  Those who let me love them, break down the walls that they put up so high, are always with me. Each one is so unique, special, and remembered so sweetly. Some have literally passed on, some have lost touch, and then there are those who have stayed throughout the years. All have a special place within me.

This weekend is Mother’s Day, my mind and heart are consumed with thoughts of my mother—who I will always miss. She is forever an angel in my eyes and will always hold a place in my heart, reserved just for her. In so many ways I still see her through the eyes of 3-year-old, the age I was when she died. Now, so many, many years later, I still miss all of the years we never had. So very few of my friends have lost their mothers, especially at such a young age. This past year I met two women who know this loss. There is a knowing, an understanding between us; even without speaking of it, we understand each other. There is nothing that makes you grow up more quickly, or if you’re already grown, brings you a deeper understanding of life and the passing of time.

My dear friend, Amanda, shared a song with me that sparked an understanding for me that seemed to soothe me. It’s a song by Robbie Williams called “Angels.” For some reason it made me think of my mother and how much I owe her. From her friends I found out that she was a very sensitive, compassionate, and emotional woman.  Sound familiar? I wondered, would I be who I am right now if things had been different? And truly I do love who I am (not that I am not working on a few things, as I haven’t achieved Goddess status yet!). I embrace the depth of my compassion, emotion, and sensitivity. It has been a blessing in so many ways, but for me, there is nothing better than when I get to share with another woman in a real, deep, and spiritual way.

My femme perspective is to cherish the women in your life. Your mother, if you are fortunate to have one, or the women who share with you, care for you, and you share with in ways that have real meaning. Life is truly shorter than you think—it goes by so quickly. Cherish every moment with your lover, your friends, your “chosen” family—those who treat you with the love and respect we all deserve.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothers and to those who know how to care and love like one. A woman’s love is a gift to be cherished always.

Maria Luisa