Shadows Intertwined ~ Poetry

Scars close to my heart
Seen even when dark
Now you illuminate my life
Casting understanding
From shadows intertwined
Beauty is indeed undefined
Surviving that which broke me
Surrendering my protective armor
Almost painful as it comes off
Fears unfold from within now
Struggling to let your arms hold on
Finding comfort somehow
Laying down while gazing up to see
Your eyes with such tender beauty

Maria Luisa

Courage ~ Poetry

What if I let my guard down
Let you in places no one has been
Give you the power to touch my soul
Going down a road it takes courage to go

Giving you the key to open up
Those things deep inside of me
Exhuming again what I’d rather not see

Sometimes the past is best left behind
Wanting to release what wasn’t kind
There seems to be a constant letting go

My heart aches for the connection we share
Somehow I have to find the strength to dare
Let you inside where I’ve felt the tears

So now to push through the fear
Showing you where the tender scars are
Opening up and trusting once again
With you my sweet & special friend

Maria Luisa

Gentle Touch ~ Poetry

We open up from the inside out
Giving up our protective shells
Touching the spiritual women within
Finding courage & comfort as we begin

We come & go our separate ways
Yet here we share another day
Cherishing our sweet loving times
So intimate as your lips trace mine
For our moments are etched in time

Soothing the soul with our gentle touch
Finding a love that means so much

Maria Luisa

Infinite Plane ~ Poetry

You know what you need
Acknowledging it is the key
Find the connection you seek
Meet me on an infinite plane
Dare to share your passion play
Swept up in this quantum space
For we will entwine our energy here
Dancing within our created sphere
Bathing in the infinity
This experience of ours
Will stay with you always
Until we meet again this way
Time & space can always bend
Come observe with me & be set free
Because it’s never the end
It’s not even where we began

Maria Luisa

Passion’s Art ~ Poetry

For the poetry you’ll never see
As they were just between her & me
The thoughts the love and care
It was only meant for us to share
When the morning dawn broke through
I marveled at the beauty in my view
Until we met another day and night
We always knew how to find our way
Back into our intense embrace
Where we would indulge our senses
It was a gift painted with passion’s art
A time etched forever upon my heart

Maria Luisa

Down to Likes ~ Thoughts

After all we went through, the trust we built, the things we shared, here we are now. It’s an interesting place where we have landed. Years later we like a picture or comment. We follow each other through different social media platforms. We’re no longer really friends, are we? This is what is left and how it ends.

Tonight I smiled, knowing a side of you no one else does. Your picture and comment captured it perfectly. Love is still there because of what we shared. Though now there’s room for another woman.

It feels good to know we moved on. We still think of the other so fondly. I’m smiling now as a new girl texts me. It’s worth the price, time, and possible heartbreak. Because if we hadn’t opened up and shared on deeper levels we would have missed out on so much.

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it’s just a reminder of what once was. But, maybe it’s the freedom to move on and yet acknowledge that the love and memories remain. Our story is forever written in history.

Then again, it could just be time and maturity, but I’m grateful tonight that love remains and is infinite.

Now it’s time to take a chance and text this new girl back.

Maria Luisa

Unwrap ~ Poetry

My love I’d rather unwrap you
Your heart mind and soul
Who you are inside as we wait to begin
Touching your feelings before your skin

Connecting with the Goddess within
Knowing the depth of your tears & fears
Celebrating your inner beauty
What you give and how you live

How well you let down and receive
Embracing the respite of this reprieve
For the wrapping may glitter brightly
Yet it’s who you are inside I crave nightly

Maria Luisa

Unending Joy ~ Poetry

Each new dawn brings the joy of knowing you
A new sunset brings the promise of our touch
Deeper and deeper we discover so much more
Breathtaking such a lovely woman to the core

Holding on with the sweetest embrace
Comforted by your womanly strength
I relax finding peace
Dreams seem to pale in comparison
To the beauty I see
Spending time with you brings
Unending joy within me

We found each other this lifetime on this path
Loving the way we challenge and continue to grow
A truth a trust a blending of honest hues with you
My femme heart reaches out to yours
Sweet soft & true

Maria Luisa

Passionate Embrace ~ Poetry

In your eyes my shyness so sweet
When we’re alone it’s always a treat
Trust the ultimate element in desire
With you I feel a sensual fire
We have wonderful things to share
A sweet intimacy we dare to bare
Our dance of desire keeps flowing
Every touch from you elicits a sigh
As my back arches towards the sky
A passionate embrace so tight
Having your way with me all night
Into the beautiful morning light

Maria Luisa