Women, Lessons, Love

Women are truly amazing creatures. We have the ability to send each other soaring to heights that seem infinite, but we can also send each other into the depths of emotional hell with drama that can be more explosive than a volcano. We can heal each other or we can wound with laser-like precision. I believe that in every situation, experience provides us with lessons to learn. And if we don’t learn those lessons then we are destined to repeat the lessons until we do learn them.

We can discover so much about ourselves by who we draw into our lives. Everyone can teach us something; some lessons I am sure we would like not to have experienced, and yet if we learned from it then in the end it was worth it.

There are women we love in friendship, as partners, in life…and then there are women that touch us and transform us so profoundly that they are indefinable. Through the days, the years, and the ethereal, we discover and uncover more about who we are at our core because of those we have come in contact with. We share in ways that we may have never even known existed before.

It is a privilege to share with another woman…her trust, her kindness, her thoughts, and her love are gifts that should always be cherished and respected. I have never in my life been more in awe of our ability to nurture, protect, heal, and share this incredible journey with other women. The bonds that we make in shared respect are ones that can last a lifetime.

Maria Luisa


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