Gentle Touch ~ Poetry

We open up from the inside out
Giving up our protective shells
Touching the spiritual women within
Finding courage & comfort as we begin

We come & go our separate ways
Yet here we share another day
Cherishing our sweet loving times
So intimate as your lips trace mine
For our moments are etched in time

Soothing the soul with our gentle touch
Finding a love that means so much

Maria Luisa

Passion’s Art ~ Poetry

For the poetry you’ll never see
As they were just between her & me
The thoughts the love and care
It was only meant for us to share
When the morning dawn broke through
I marveled at the beauty in my view
Until we met another day and night
We always knew how to find our way
Back into our intense embrace
Where we would indulge our senses
It was a gift painted with passion’s art
A time etched forever upon my heart

Maria Luisa

Unwrap ~ Poetry

My love I’d rather unwrap you
Your heart mind and soul
Who you are inside as we wait to begin
Touching your feelings before your skin

Connecting with the Goddess within
Knowing the depth of your tears & fears
Celebrating your inner beauty
What you give and how you live

How well you let down and receive
Embracing the respite of this reprieve
For the wrapping may glitter brightly
Yet it’s who you are inside I crave nightly

Maria Luisa

Passionate Embrace ~ Poetry

In your eyes my shyness so sweet
When we’re alone it’s always a treat
Trust the ultimate element in desire
With you I feel a sensual fire
We have wonderful things to share
A sweet intimacy we dare to bare
Our dance of desire keeps flowing
Every touch from you elicits a sigh
As my back arches towards the sky
A passionate embrace so tight
Having your way with me all night
Into the beautiful morning light

Maria Luisa