Gentle Touch ~ Poetry

We open up from the inside out
Giving up our protective shells
Touching the spiritual women within
Finding courage & comfort as we begin

We come & go our separate ways
Yet here we share another day
Cherishing our sweet loving times
So intimate as your lips trace mine
For our moments are etched in time

Soothing the soul with our gentle touch
Finding a love that means so much

Maria Luisa

Down to Likes ~ Thoughts

After all we went through, the trust we built, the things we shared, here we are now. It’s an interesting place where we have landed. Years later we like a picture or comment. We follow each other through different social media platforms. We’re no longer really friends, are we? This is what is left and how it ends.

Tonight I smiled, knowing a side of you no one else does. Your picture and comment captured it perfectly. Love is still there because of what we shared. Though now there’s room for another woman.

It feels good to know we moved on. We still think of the other so fondly. I’m smiling now as a new girl texts me. It’s worth the price, time, and possible heartbreak. Because if we hadn’t opened up and shared on deeper levels we would have missed out on so much.

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it’s just a reminder of what once was. But, maybe it’s the freedom to move on and yet acknowledge that the love and memories remain. Our story is forever written in history.

Then again, it could just be time and maturity, but I’m grateful tonight that love remains and is infinite.

Now it’s time to take a chance and text this new girl back.

Maria Luisa

Unwrap ~ Poetry

My love I’d rather unwrap you
Your heart mind and soul
Who you are inside as we wait to begin
Touching your feelings before your skin

Connecting with the Goddess within
Knowing the depth of your tears & fears
Celebrating your inner beauty
What you give and how you live

How well you let down and receive
Embracing the respite of this reprieve
For the wrapping may glitter brightly
Yet it’s who you are inside I crave nightly

Maria Luisa

Passionate Embrace ~ Poetry

In your eyes my shyness so sweet
When we’re alone it’s always a treat
Trust the ultimate element in desire
With you I feel a sensual fire
We have wonderful things to share
A sweet intimacy we dare to bare
Our dance of desire keeps flowing
Every touch from you elicits a sigh
As my back arches towards the sky
A passionate embrace so tight
Having your way with me all night
Into the beautiful morning light

Maria Luisa

Flourishing ~ Poetry

Heal me with your tender touch
Hold me like you’ll never let go
As you fuel the essence of my desire
For tonight you know we’ll fly even higher

Bathing in sweet sensuality
Touching the core of our duality
Stealing away into the night
Passion surpasses our need for flight

Until the morning dawn we’re alone
Just the two of us no distractions no phones
It all gets turned off while we explore
Feelings flesh flourishing forevermore

Maria Luisa

Beyond Nightfall ~ Poetry

Passion and intuition undefined
Elusive this creature you seek to find
Impossible to tame
Unyielding even to her own fame

She’s an authentic woman
Scars and all nothing defines or defies
Speaking so softly commanding respect
Reserved for so few breathing in her depth

Loving continued beyond nightfall
Into another day knowing
Instinctually all that it will take
Enrobing her sweet beloved
As she gently traces her face

Enfolded into the rapture
Fulfilling their dreams clandestine
Drawn into the limelight
Only to retreat again
Into all they share as night begins

Maria Luisa

Heartbeat ~ Poetry

Every moment with you is beautiful
Feeling so connected beyond this plane
Knowing you in such expansive ways
We bond ever closer from night to day

Passions yearning to be expressed
Making love discovering new depths
Silence and whimpers all in a symphony
Feeling your heartbeat as you lay next to me

We unite and find our piece of heaven
Knowing the moments are freely given
Precious are the expressions we share
You are a woman that is beyond compare

Maria Luisa

A Woman’s Touch ~ Poetry

Dimensions of space and time
So many aspects of the divine
Within the arms of trust a calm
My lover’s lips a soothing balm

So sweetly my love be gentle
Finding in your eyes such hues
Things you say to me and do
Tonight I am moved by you

Letting down my guard
Letting you inside my heart
Feeling your depth & warmth
Flowing ever so freely forth

Touches so tender and light
Knowing your strength holding tight
My spirit and flesh meld on this night
Only a woman’s touch feels so right

Maria Luisa

Elusive Dreaming ~ Poetry

Dreaming tonight here we meet
Touching on so many levels
Embracing each other under covers
From our vantage point how clear is the other
Can you really see all that is here my dear
Or is this just elusive dreaming
Maybe just the start of something deep
Now at the beginning of so much more
Feeling your presence at an emotional core
You’re here lapping at my shores
Stripped of pretense such is our bond
Here and now our feelings can’t be ignored

Maria Luisa