Down to Likes ~ Thoughts

After all we went through, the trust we built, the things we shared, here we are now. It’s an interesting place where we have landed. Years later we like a picture or comment. We follow each other through different social media platforms. We’re no longer really friends, are we? This is what is left and how it ends.

Tonight I smiled, knowing a side of you no one else does. Your picture and comment captured it perfectly. Love is still there because of what we shared. Though now there’s room for another woman.

It feels good to know we moved on. We still think of the other so fondly. I’m smiling now as a new girl texts me. It’s worth the price, time, and possible heartbreak. Because if we hadn’t opened up and shared on deeper levels we would have missed out on so much.

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it’s just a reminder of what once was. But, maybe it’s the freedom to move on and yet acknowledge that the love and memories remain. Our story is forever written in history.

Then again, it could just be time and maturity, but I’m grateful tonight that love remains and is infinite.

Now it’s time to take a chance and text this new girl back.

Maria Luisa