Shadows Intertwined ~ Poetry

Scars close to my heart
Seen even when dark
Now you illuminate my life
Casting understanding
From shadows intertwined
Beauty is indeed undefined
Surviving that which broke me
Surrendering my protective armor
Almost painful as it comes off
Fears unfold from within now
Struggling to let your arms hold on
Finding comfort somehow
Laying down while gazing up to see
Your eyes with such tender beauty

Maria Luisa

Pastel Waters ~ Poetry

Such depth of change and courage
Being who we were meant to be
Ever expanding definitions flying free
Away from conventionality

Seeking the deeper unlimited path
Ever expanding into a new horizon
Not just dreams but a new reality
Making the magical spring forth

Spread out like a winged bird in flight
Soaring towards new heights
Taking off chains imposed too long ago
By those who were afraid to let go

No more holding down the Goddess
She is flying high on soft petal kisses
Colored perfectly by pastel waters flowing
Her heart is expanding now forever glowing

Maria Luisa

Courage – Poetry

Hold me close
Don’t let go tonight
You make me feel safe
When I start to doubt

Wondering why the past
Has such power some nights
Usually there’s no second thought
In an instant it all comes rushing back

It’s your voice your strong arms
Leading me gently to the present
So relieved that I finally did
Find the courage to let you in

Maria Luisa

My Heart Opens ~ Poetry

When I am weak you are strong
Tenderly understanding my emotions
Gathering me into your safe embrace
Looking into my eyes a tear you trace

When the fear arises your voice calms me so
Reassuring is your touch as you hold me close
Somehow you get through inside so very deep
Making me see that I no longer need to weep

Leaving the past behind as I learn to trust again
Into this loving night somehow my fright ends
Seeing the way you care in all you do is such a gift
So grateful that we crossed paths to find such bliss

Taking our time exploring all facets
Relaxed within the trust we are sharing
Of a deepening bond so strong and true
My heart opens like never before for you

Maria Luisa

Exhuming Emotions ~ Poetry

Laying down my armor tonight
As you scale my walls so high
Curled up in your strong arms
Embraced now within our time

It is the maturity of a woman
Understanding the strength it takes
Surrendering to the moment
Making me feel so very safe

Exploring our space created
Finding so much to let go of now
Wondering why it took so much time
Exhuming emotions left hidden behind

No longer feeling alone
Sweetly it all begins to go away
Releasing the pain from other days
As memories of the past begin to fade

Maria Luisa

Delicate Heart ~ Poetry

Healing and letting go
It comes so slowly sometimes
This delicate heart of mine
So strong having survived

Seeing more clearly throughout
Amazed how it all comes about
So much wonderment in the process
Giving and receiving such tenderness
Opening up to the fragility inside

Finding a special connection
In our sweetest bonding in reflection
Embracing joy as we move on
So many adventures await beyond

Maria Luisa

Listening to:

🎶 In Your Eyes by Anastacia 🎶