Heartbeat ~ Poetry

Every moment with you is beautiful
Feeling so connected beyond this plane
Knowing you in such expansive ways
We bond ever closer from night to day

Passions yearning to be expressed
Making love discovering new depths
Silence and whimpers all in a symphony
Feeling your heartbeat as you lay next to me

We unite and find our piece of heaven
Knowing the moments are freely given
Precious are the expressions we share
You are a woman that is beyond compare

Maria Luisa

A Woman’s Touch ~ Poetry

Dimensions of space and time
So many aspects of the divine
Within the arms of trust a calm
My lover’s lips a soothing balm

So sweetly my love be gentle
Finding in your eyes such hues
Things you say to me and do
Tonight I am moved by you

Letting down my guard
Letting you inside my heart
Feeling your depth & warmth
Flowing ever so freely forth

Touches so tender and light
Knowing your strength holding tight
My spirit and flesh meld on this night
Only a woman’s touch feels so right

Maria Luisa

Elusive Dreaming ~ Poetry

Dreaming tonight here we meet
Touching on so many levels
Embracing each other under covers
From our vantage point how clear is the other
Can you really see all that is here my dear
Or is this just elusive dreaming
Maybe just the start of something deep
Now at the beginning of so much more
Feeling your presence at an emotional core
You’re here lapping at my shores
Stripped of pretense such is our bond
Here and now our feelings can’t be ignored

Maria Luisa

Delicate Intimacy ~ Poetry

Such amazing tenderness
Letting go like never before
Coming undone falling into her arms
Lovingly succumbing to her charms

Experiencing the intensity
Within her eyes knowing so much
Pretense falls way to our affection bared
This delicate intimacy that we share

Experiencing the truly profound
With one look touch and sound
This beloved night so sensuous
Fully embracing our time so precious

Maria Luisa

Watching You Sleep ~ Poetry

First rays of sunshine upon your face
In morning all I see is your beauty and grace
Watching you sleep so peaceful now

Wanting to remember this moment
Forever in time I’ll feel your love
I’m touched by your depth and heart
It’s never easy when we’re apart

Time to cherish being in each other’s arms
This long lovely weekend is ours alone
For wherever we are together is truly home

Maria Luisa

Facets Of Love ~ Poetry

Take my breath away
With one look one glance
Seeing desire so clearly
Your love cherished so dearly

Life ebbing and flowing
A river of sweet and sorrow
Joy awaits us this special night
In your arms my heart takes flight

So few ever truly know our depths
Then you came along taking steps
Finding the girl within the woman
Eyes open wide with anticipation

Sharing our experiences so varied
We leap beyond anything ordinary
Colors shine everlasting, forever bright
Throughout our life, our love, our night

Maria Luisa

My Heart Opens ~ Poetry

When I am weak you are strong
Tenderly understanding my emotions
Gathering me into your safe embrace
Looking into my eyes a tear you trace

When the fear arises your voice calms me so
Reassuring is your touch as you hold me close
Somehow you get through inside so very deep
Making me see that I no longer need to weep

Leaving the past behind as I learn to trust again
Into this loving night somehow my fright ends
Seeing the way you care in all you do is such a gift
So grateful that we crossed paths to find such bliss

Taking our time exploring all facets
Relaxed within the trust we are sharing
Of a deepening bond so strong and true
My heart opens like never before for you

Maria Luisa

Different Planes ~ Poetry

I see you dear, feel your presence…

Seems we’ve always known the other
Even though we’ve never met
We actually have many times
In so many ways upon different planes

There is no beginning and no end
Time is merely a construct
Another illusion of the mind
Yet here we find each other again

Your instinct is completely in tune
Life flows from our own perspective
We create what we believe we need
We draw lessons close so we can see

As we begin again connecting
Let go of any expectations
Have no doubt about what is real
What is between us is what we feel

Maria Luisa

Unbound ~ Poetry

Relaxing into the beauty
Diversity all around
Seeing the full spectrum
Of life as it abounds

Loving the whole
All of the pieces within
Finding true sanctuary
Free from the misconception of sin

Discovering a real destination
Seeing a never ending light
Becoming so much less afraid
Of the dark laden night

Searching for meaning
Yet it was always right there
In front of us and all around
Our love is now forever unbound

Maria Luisa