Heavenly Space ~ Poetry

Blend into me darling
Dance upon the stars
Hearts beating as one
So expressive is our love
Soft lips finding their pair
Within the arms of an angel
Seeing nothing but her eyes
Intensity leaving me mesmerized
Touching the soul of a woman
As we go to any length
Finding tender gentle strength
Indulging in our heavenly space

Maria Luisa

Pastel Waters ~ Poetry

Such depth of change and courage
Being who we were meant to be
Ever expanding definitions flying free
Away from conventionality

Seeking the deeper unlimited path
Ever expanding into a new horizon
Not just dreams but a new reality
Making the magical spring forth

Spread out like a winged bird in flight
Soaring towards new heights
Taking off chains imposed too long ago
By those who were afraid to let go

No more holding down the Goddess
She is flying high on soft petal kisses
Colored perfectly by pastel waters flowing
Her heart is expanding now forever glowing

Maria Luisa

Clandestine ~ Poetry

Dripping wet slowly cascading down
Burning so hot a flame untamed
Lofty sweet smells throughout this space
Seeing this beautiful passionate display
Your eyes are reflecting the pooling
Surrounding a waxy candle base
Tracing shadows reflecting on lace
Our intensity in a clandestine embrace

Maria Luisa

Soft Sweet Kisses ~ Poetry

Feeling hands slip around my waist
Your breath upon my neck
Whispering the sweetest words
You turn me around to see your eyes
I know that look so mesmerized
Passionate flames already lit
Your finger to my mouth
Oh my dear I know what this about
Capturing my lip between yours
There’s no question who I adore
Always you have a way to stop time
No matter whether it’s night or day
Because you know my weakness
Your soft sweet kisses on my lips and neck
Apparently any plans I had are shattered
It’s only your lips and embrace that matter

Maria Luisa

Daydreaming ~ Poetry

As I look to the sky above
I’m daydreaming my love
My mind keeps drifting
No way to stop thinking
About our last sweet kiss
Your soft loving ways missed
All I do is think of you
In the day or in the night
Then suddenly all is right

Maria Luisa

Courage – Poetry

Hold me close
Don’t let go tonight
You make me feel safe
When I start to doubt

Wondering why the past
Has such power some nights
Usually there’s no second thought
In an instant it all comes rushing back

It’s your voice your strong arms
Leading me gently to the present
So relieved that I finally did
Find the courage to let you in

Maria Luisa

Succumbing ~ Poetry

Cradled within your arms
Feeling undone by your charms
Wondering where this will lead
How does one let go of the need

Impossible it seems to be
A choice we make every time
Releasing of such sweet desire
Succumbing to this burning fire

Between us we share a bond
A feeling so lush and bountiful
Extinguishing the pretense of less
As we explore another night so intense

Maria Luisa

Flourishing ~ Poetry

Heal me with your tender touch
Hold me like you’ll never let go
As you fuel the essence of my desire
For tonight you know we’ll fly even higher

Bathing in sweet sensuality
Touching the core of our duality
Stealing away into the night
Passion surpasses our need for flight

Until the morning dawn we’re alone
Just the two of us no distractions no phones
It all gets turned off while we explore
Feelings flesh flourishing forevermore

Maria Luisa

Beyond Nightfall ~ Poetry

Passion and intuition undefined
Elusive this creature you seek to find
Impossible to tame
Unyielding even to her own fame

She’s an authentic woman
Scars and all nothing defines or defies
Speaking so softly commanding respect
Reserved for so few breathing in her depth

Loving continued beyond nightfall
Into another day knowing
Instinctually all that it will take
Enrobing her sweet beloved
As she gently traces her face

Enfolded into the rapture
Fulfilling their dreams clandestine
Drawn into the limelight
Only to retreat again
Into all they share as night begins

Maria Luisa