Exhuming Emotions ~ Poetry

Laying down my armor tonight
As you scale my walls so high
Curled up in your strong arms
Embraced now within our time

It is the maturity of a woman
Understanding the strength it takes
Surrendering to the moment
Making me feel so very safe

Exploring our space created
Finding so much to let go of now
Wondering why it took so much time
Exhuming emotions left hidden behind

No longer feeling alone
Sweetly it all begins to go away
Releasing the pain from other days
As memories of the past begin to fade

Maria Luisa

Fulfillment ~ Poetry’s

Breathe into me this night
Sense my desire to see light
Knowing all that is possible
Between two feminine souls

Your eyes showing more than a hint
A longing finally finding fulfillment
Hearts racing when so near the other
Tender touches bring us closer together

Letting in that which burns like fire
Opening up to the infinite well of desire
Dripping with passion skin upon skin
Feeling our ecstasy as we take it all in

Sweet tenderness inside and out
Into the night such quietness and shouts
Yearning, learning, seeing true passion
Feeling the flooding from ultimate touch
Our exploration so truly sensual and lush

Maria Luisa

Sacred Trust ~ Poetry

Embracing the kindness of her spirit
Seeing her true beauty revealed
As it emanates from her heart
Knowing deep from within
We won’t always be so far apart

Our physical distance from one another
Doesn’t make the connection weaker
It only strengthens our bond deeper
Knowing secrets we’ve shared are safe
Our loving friendship grows sweeter

There is a sacred trust between us
The kind only two women can share
To be there to help showing we care
Through the good times and the hurt
Our relationship is so special and true
Because you have me and I have you

Maria Luisa

Delicate Heart ~ Poetry

Healing and letting go
It comes so slowly sometimes
This delicate heart of mine
So strong having survived

Seeing more clearly throughout
Amazed how it all comes about
So much wonderment in the process
Giving and receiving such tenderness
Opening up to the fragility inside

Finding a special connection
In our sweetest bonding in reflection
Embracing joy as we move on
So many adventures await beyond

Maria Luisa

Listening to:

🎶 In Your Eyes by Anastacia 🎶

Coming Apart ~ Poetry

I know my love
I know your pain
Sometimes we can’t let go
We’re scared to admit what is so

Even though the hour is late
Your spirit won’t let sorrow abate
I see you with all of your beauty
That she couldn’t appreciate

Knowing you so well my dear friend
Trying to relieve your mind and heart
Seeing how you’re now coming apart
Tears me up inside as you cry in my arms

Staying to hold you as long as it takes
Embracing you throughout the long night
Letting you know it will eventually be alright
One day again your spirit will take flight

Maria Luisa

Listening to:

🎶 Heart and Shoulder by Heather Nova 🎶